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Conexión de Negocios Latinos

The networking that your company needs.

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Conexion de Negocios Latinos seeks to provide a networking branch for your business and that of others to grow.

Conexion de Negocios Latinos Impact

Latinos are one of the fastest-growing yet underserved communities in the United States. With high rates of low literacy and English proficiency and limited opportunities to network with sources of traditional business financing and providers of business-related technical assistance, we need more entrepreneurship support organizations like CNL, which aim to bridge the gap and address these barriers.

Please know that 100% of your donation goes to support Conexion de Negocios Latinos programs, workshops, and entrepreneur resources. 

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Greater visibility for your company and brand


Greater growth opportunities

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Gain self-confidence in you and your business


Develop strategic partnerships


Conduct competitive analysis and strategy


Improve your professional skills

Magazine of the Month

September 2023

Welcome to Conexion de Negocios Latinos Magazine of the month! Our publication is dedicated to providing the latest updates and information on the Latino business community. Keep informed on a variety of topics, including upcoming events, exclusive profiles of new and current CNL members, important news stories affecting the community, and much more.


We are passionate about promoting and supporting the growth of Latino businesses, and our magazine is an excellent resource for entrepreneurs and professionals alike.

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CNL Member Testimonials


Founder of "La Fonda"

I decided to join Conexion de Negocios Latinos because it is one of the few support organizations for Hispanics in the area, where I can learn more about how to run a successful business. Thanks to the workshops that CNL offers, we have learned how to grow our business and brand and overcome obstacles that many minority entrepreneurs like me face. I recommend CNL for the fantastic support they provide their members and the effectiveness of their workshops.

I am Zuzuki!

Meet Our Newest CNL Members!

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